Sari Maritza, 1932

Marlene Dietrich, “Destry Rides Again”, 1939
Photographer: Ray Jones 

Rosalind Russell, “Trouble for Two”, 1936

Alice White, “Show Girl in Hollywood”, 1930
Photographer: Elmer Fryer

Anna Sten, 1935

Carole Lombard, “Love Before Breakfast”, 1936

The Table is Laid, 1938
Artist/Photographer: Georges Hugnet

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Glass Fish and Bubbles, 1934
Photographer: Madame Yevonde 

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Uberzeichnete Photographie, 1930
Photographer: Paul Citroën

Marlene Dietrich, “Blonde Venus”, 1932

Dorothy Dell, circa 1930’s

Greta Garbo, “Queen Christina”, 1933
Photographer: Clarence Sinclair Bull