Marie-Lise Gres for ‘She’, circa 1965
Photographer: Lewis Morley

Sen II (from Fotografia Metaforyczna), circa 1965-66
Photographer: Józef Robakowski

Idõzavar, 1965
Photographer: Pal Funk Angelo 

Elke Sommer, “The Money Trap”, 1965

Vogue Italia, November 1965
Photographer: Claudio Castellani

Mae West in a Chair at Home, Santa Monica, California, 1965
Photographer: Diane Arbus 

Revlon, circa 1965
Photographer: John Rawlings

Benedetta Barzini, Vogue, 1965
Photographer: Irving Penn

Cowboy Kate Gunbelt, Front View, 1965
Photographer: Sam Haskins 

The Venusians Have Landed
Paris Match, September 1965
Photographer: Tony Saunier

"Dali invites Federika, his invented queen of the Venusians, to dine at his table.  A prisoner of her S-shaped space suit, she nevertheless remains formal throughout the course of the meal. The tablecloth is peppered with sea urchins, ‘the only animal,’ Dali says, ‘capable of space travel’.”

Harper’s Bazaar, September 1965 
Photographer: Richard Avedon
Model: Jean Shrimpton
Ostrich feather hat by Christian Dior

Portrait of Marie-Lise Gres, circa 1965
Photographer: Ronald Falloon