Pughatory Chimney Sweep
Showcase Germany #224, July 2010 
Photographer: Madame Peripetie

Big Gary P.
Ponystep, Spring/Summer 2011
Photographer: Terry Tsiolis
Model: Danielle Zinaich 
Gareth Pugh, Fall 2009

White Noise
Harpers Bazaar UK, June 2009
Photographer: Cliff Watts
Model: Tasha Tilberg
Silk tasselled jacket by Jil Sander
Trousers & shoes by Gareth Pugh 

A Balletic Performance Showcases Spring Fashion’s Raw Edges and Powdery Textures

Dazed & Confused, February 2010
Photographer: Ben Toms
Gareth Pugh, Spring 2010

Vogue Russia, June 2007 
Photographer: Ellen von Unwerth
Model: Anna-Maria Urajevskaya
Gareth Pugh, Spring 2007 

All The World’s A Stage
V #63, March/April 2010
Photographer: Richard Burbridge
Dress (left): Gareth Pugh, S/S 2010
Dress (right): Alexander McQueen, S/S 2010 

Let’s Hear It For Mono
How To Spend It, April 2011
Photographer: Damian Foxe
Model: Kasia Wrobel
Dress by Gareth Pugh
Leather & perspex hat by Zara Gorman

Black and White
Vogue UK, March 2009
Photographer: Nick Knight
Model: Anja Rubik
Gareth Pugh, Spring 2009

Sensory Overload
Vogue Italia, February 2007
Photographer: Steven Meisel
Model: Coco Rocha
Gareth Pugh, Spring 2007

Future Now
L’Officiel #912, February 2007
Photographer: Andreas
Gareth Pugh, Spring 2007

Vogue Russia, September 2007 
Photographer: Miguel Reveriego
Model: Natasha Poly 

Tales of the Unexpected
Vogue UK, December 2008
Photographer: Tim Walker
Models: Gareth Pugh, Karen Elson
Dress: Alexander McQueen, Fall 2008