Salvador Dalí, Dream of Venus, 1939
Photographer: Murray Korman

Salvador and Gala Dalí, 1936

Salvador Dalí, Paris, 1969

Salvador Dalí, 1939
Photographer: Carl Van Vechten 

Salvador Dalí, 1944
Photographer: Philippe Halsman 

The Venusians Have Landed
Paris Match, September 1965
Photographer: Tony Saunier

"Dali invites Federika, his invented queen of the Venusians, to dine at his table.  A prisoner of her S-shaped space suit, she nevertheless remains formal throughout the course of the meal. The tablecloth is peppered with sea urchins, ‘the only animal,’ Dali says, ‘capable of space travel’.”

Salvador Dalí and mannequins at l’exposition surréaliste, Paris, 1938

Dalí dans l’eau, Port-Lligat, 1953
Photographer: Jean Dieuzaide

Bateau Anthotropic, Amanda Lear, 1971
(photographed at Salvador Dalí’s house in Portlligat, Spain)

(via billyjane)

Dalí and his pet ocelot, Babou, 1964
Photographer: Ed Pfizenmaier

Salvador Dalí and Dovima, New York, January 1963
Photographer: Richard Avedon